Top Bucket List Destinations

Without trying to be totally depressing, we all know that we have a very limited amount of time on this planet. This is why we should all be making an effort to get out and do some really fun and exciting things before our time comes. If you really think about it, there are probably a ton of places that you would love to visit. Creating a bucket list of travel destinations is a great way to organize and prioritize those ideas. Let’s look at a few places that appear on a lot of people’s bucket lists.

See the Northern Lights – When it comes to the beautiful things created by Mother Nature, it’s tough to top the majesty of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights as we more commonly know them. The good news is that you have several different locations you can visit to see them, including Canada, Sweden, and Iceland.

Hike up to Machu Pichu – If your travels are going to take you to Peru and you are in decent shape, then you need to pay a visit to Machu Pichu. Getting to this most magical of destinations is not as easy as you might imagine, as there is no cable car to whisk you all the way to the top. The views and the Incan ruins make it a hike well worth taking.

Wind and dine in Paris – Europe is home to countless cities that could easily be part of any bucket list, but there is just something about Paris that makes it the one that most people seek out. Perhaps it’s the cuisine that is the biggest draw, or perhaps it the arts and fashion industry that appeals. Whatever your reason for putting Paris on your list, it’s a city that never fails to disappoint.

A week in a water bungalow – You have probably, at one time or another, seen a picture of those stilted bungalows sitting in the middle of the most beautiful water you have ever seen. These delightful little bungalows are the perfect escape from the rat race and are found in such exotic locales as the Maldives and French Polynesia.

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