Best places to visit in South Korea

South Korea is an amazing and magnificent place containing many traditional and folk villages along with the buzzing cities, mind-blowing islands and breathtaking natural views. 

This is a place that every traveller and backpacker should visit for sure in order to unleash the ultimate adventure experiences there. 

If you are planning to visit the wonderful land of South Korea then this guide is going to be very helpful for you. In this article, you will receive a shortlist of some of the best places that you should visit in South Korea. So, let’s have a look at them.

Seoul – The Capital City of South Korea

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea that will impress you for sure with its wonderous mixture of modern architecture, party vibes, pop culture, sizzling parks, and much more famous places in it. Seoul is no doubt one of the best cities in South Korea that you should visit for sure. 

This city is also rich in terms of history and culture. With gorgeous palaces, restaurants, boutiques and all. Seoul is charming from every angle. The National Museum and War memorial of the city will help you to examine the history of the city and South Korea as well.

This place is ideal for shopping, culture, nightlife, and architecture. 


If you are planning to visit South Korea then add this place in your list for sure otherwise it would be unfair. Busan is the second-largest city of South Korea that is well known all across the globe for a reason. The reason for the popularity of this city is because it hosted, Asia’s largest international film festival. 

This city is an amazing site if you want to explore skyscrapers, majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and most importantly the magnificent Buddhist temples.

Some of the best tourist attractions in Busan consist of Haeundae Beach, Beomeosa Temple, Gwangalli beach and Hurshimchung Hot Springs. This place is ideal for those who love beaches, culture riched places, and best food spots.


Gyeongju is another amazing place that you should visit for sure. Gyeongju is a coastal city that is also known as an open-air museum. As a traveller, you can discover the traditional roots and rich history of this city. Gyeongju consists of numerous cultural and historical sites, and ruins that will take you back to the thousand-year-old history of the city. This place is ideal for exploring the culture of South Korea, and History as well.

Gyeongju also contains many natural tourist attractions that are amazing and if you are a nature lover then it is must for you to visit those attractions.

Some of the famous places in the city consist of Anapji pond, the majestic Seokguram Grotto, and Tumuli Park with its giant mounds hidden in the grass. No doubt this city is an ultimate treasure of Cultural Sites. You will get a glimpse of South Korean culture if you visit the Bulguksa Temple and the National Museum.

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